Space Pirates

you delivered a ~mysterious box~ and stole a ship

The party were approached by Othima, Kenghal and Azianot. They were “promised” the return of the Kindel if they did a job for them. Odekai took literally no convincing, and the gang set off for Ziama, with the Mencazi Cartel henchman Sixneit Onyenya. After landing at an Eppal docking station on the ground, the group delivered the Mysterious Box, stopping briefly to EMP some cyborg assailants.

An armoured Sapphite received them, took the crate, and left. After a rough takeoff from the docking station, The Redeemer was pursued by three council Corsairs. The party snuck out and stole one of them, before warp jumping to relative safety.

Robbed Blind
You guys made the best of a fuckin awful decision

Jilem Cheb and Odekai, after seeing their friends get abducted, followed Dere’k in his shitty hovercar into the forest. He attempted to imprison them. In a scuffle, Lizzie was revealed, and the trio killed Dere’k while the Ovitis fled in the hovercar. He did not get far before he was shot and robbed. The party then employed the services of Grug to rob the Ovitis’ store. After this, the party laid low at The Safe for a while. On their way from Grug’s house, they were accousted by Mencazi Cartel goons. After killing four of them, they sought out an autodoc and a private area to interrogate them in.

Accused of Galacticide
We Had To Make Up A New Charge For What You Did

The Space Bear, Neon, Jilem Cheb and Odekai were in a bar on Luthien XC2 when the news broke. After attempting to flee, they were captured by Commander Mars, and imprisoned on The Redeemer. They promptly broke free, moments after Commander Mars’ escape, and moments before the antimatter bomb went off. Navigating to Cinnra d’Mudai, they met Dylan, and left the starport for a drink. They met an Ovitis and Dere’k, who agreed to help them find Leo, one of their alleged co-conspirators. As they left the bar, The Space Bear and Neon were captured by the Mencazi Cartel

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